How to play Hash Hunt

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Q: How do I get my prize if I win?
A: If you solve the puzzle, you will automatically be redirected to a webpage that will display your prize redemption code. This code is in standard WIF (Bitcoin Wallet Import Format) and so can be easily imported into any bitcoin wallet system you choose to use.

Q: Is there any cost to play?
A: No, there is no charge to play Hash Hunt at this time.

Q: How long does each round last?
A: Each round lasts until a puzzle solution is found. This can take a few seconds, or many minutes. You will get a notification when the current round ends and you can then refresh the page to get a new puzzle.

Q: What is the counter in the upper right corner?
A: This shows how long the current round has been running for.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how winnings can be used?
A: No. Once you import your winnings into the bitcoin wallet of your choice, you can use them like any other bitcoins.

Q: Does playing Hash Hunt use up a lot of data?
A: No. Hash Hunt only uses a small amount of data when (1) when you load the page, (2) when a new round starts, (3) when you submit a winning pattern to the Hash Hunt server. Playing Hash Hunt for several hours uses less data than loading the New York Times homepage once - and is far more productive.

Q: Is there a limit to how often I can win a prize?
A: No. First to solve the puzzle in each round always wins the prize. There are no restrictions on how often or how many times you can win.

Q: How do I solve the puzzle?
A: Find the pattern of selected numbers that makes all of the wheels land on hashes.

Q: Are there any partial paylines?
A: Possibly coming soon, but for now Hash Hunt only pays jackpots.

Q: I solved the puzzle but now it turns out that I am not the winner and do not get a prize?
A: To receive a prize, you must be the *first* to submit a solution in a given round. Rarely, two solutions will be found at almost the same time (usually seconds apart) and it can take up to an hour to determine which is the true winner. When you solve a puzzle, you will automatically be taken to a link where you can check the status of the round to see if your solution was received by the network first.

Q: How many tries do I get to find the correct pattern?
A: You can keep trying different patterns until the round ends, which usually takes several minutes.

Q: Do I have to start over again from scratch when the current round ends?
A: Yes, all puzzles reset at the beginning of each new round. Puzzles also reset anytime you reload the Hash Hunt webpage.

Q: I got all hashes to come up on the wheels, but then got the message "Solution rejected by server". What gives?
A: You tried to cheat and it did not work. The network checks to make sure that the submitted numbers are actually a solution to the puzzle before validating a win, so the only person you are cheating is yourself.

Q: I am a genius and I will write a little script to just try every combination of numbers until I win. Ha.
A: Good luck to you, but maybe do the math first. It is extremely unlikely that your script will be able to find a solution before the end of the round by blindly trying number combinations. If you lost your keys [sic], would you start blindly checking each and every cubic inch of the universe until you found them? Where would you start? The center, I assume?

Q: What are "FREE" hashes?
A: "FREE" hashes are added from time to time to make the puzzles easier to solve and quicken the pace of the rounds. If you see a "FREE" hash on a wheel, then you do not need to solve that wheel to win the puzzle.

Q: What does the blinking green HASHHUNT logo mean?
A: This is a visual indication that you are still connected to the server. It should blink green about once every 15 seconds while connected, or turn red if the connection is lost.

Q: Why does Hash Hunt only run over http and not https?
A: Because of misguided restrictions promulgated by google, under the banner of security.

Q: Is this real?
A: This is real. If you are the first to get all of the hashes and submit your solution to the network in a given round then you will win a shinny new bitcoin.

Q: I have a question.
A: If you have read the above FAQ carefully and still have a question, you can contact me here. Please note that I can not give advice on winning strategies - you will have to figure it out for yourself!